*[new doo]

new doo - october 16th

so here is the new doo......dark, but boy does it make
my baby blues shine! i was trying to get a decent spt.
i don't know how others get such amazing shots of themselves,
i just not very photogenic - so i sit here taking hundreds of
them, giggling out loud at how silly i look. this one shows the
cut the best - but i was so frustrated i did the stupid tween
shot and i am sorry but i just can't look at my mouth that
way - it was silly!

this is the darkest my hair has ever been. i was a toehead
as a child - so i still don't recognized myself.


Jane said...

I love the new style! It does make your blue eyes pop out. I wish I could bring myself to cut my long hair short!

Enid said...

I hate to use McDonald's tag line but I'm loving it. And your eyes are definitely popping.

Rick Hamrick said...

Kelly! You are so right that this color allows your eyes their rightful place of prominence!

kellyloveswhales said...

love the new do! you looks super chic. ummmmm.... what's a toehead?

Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose) said...

woo-hoo! look at you. i think it's amazing...and it may just be the pic but the color really seems to accent your eyes

The Dream said...

AWESOME! Welcome to the dark side! The cut is fantastic! I chopped off my mighty mane in fairly recent history and my hair is still in shock.

Amanda said...

super beautiful!