sacred life *[mr. dalai lama]

"with realization of one's own potential and
self-confidence in one's ability, one can build
a better world." ~dalai lama

i gave myself a little birthday gift. thursday
i hopped in the car and drove to bloomington
to spend a few days with miz c. we went out
for mexican thursday night with her two roomates
and one of their mom's. then friday early morn,
miz c and i went to listen to the dalai lama speak.

as we entered the auditorium, i had goosebumps
on every inch of my body. on the stage sat tibetan
monks and nuns, sitting in yoga form and chanting
their mantras. peace simply overcame my body.
this was a teaching session. the dalai lama spoke
in his native tongue and the the translator spoke
to the audience explaining the readings. at first,
i was a bit taken back by this presentation, but i just
went with it - watching every move he made and held
on to every syllabel that flowed from his mouth.
this went on for over two hours and as time passed
he became more animated, he began to giggle. what
a gift this soul is.

then what i had been waiting for, he spoke directly to
us. his personal ideals and thoughts. i sat high in the
balcony and let the tears flow, i knew i was witnessing
something grand. a kind spirit, a peaceful man, a man
who giggles and makes you feel like you are the only one
in the room.

i wasn't going to go, i worried that the tickets were too
expensive, but for once i just said screw it - and i seized
the moment.

on the way home, i stopped at a funky new age shop. they
have something for every faith, belief or non believer. i picked
up a book that a dear chick had told me about....the four agreements.
i am soaking that up too.

his message is so simple, it is profound. why is something this
simple so hard for us to grasp on to? here was his message....

"whether one believes in a religion or not, and whether one believes in rebirth or not, there isn't anyone who doesn't appreciate kindness and compassion."

oh....and a warm heart.

and with that - peace be with each of you.


bless my

on my way to bloomtown to see the dalai lama
tomorrow morning. i am filled with glee and

tomorrow i will witness greatness and learn from
a peacemaker. and i get to share this all with miz
c. happy birthday to me!


if * [grow ] dear miss allison

i am allison

if - grow
8x24 canvas
mixed media
acrylics, silverleaf and found paper
[for miss allison who is learning to grow
in the midst of some hard circumstances]
if you want to see more growth....look here

I just finished this piece for
miss allison. her
sister is caroline who
i have written about many times. allison
just turned 7 and is a very brave and
giving girl.

her mom
has been in minnesota with
caroline for over 7 months. allison and her
baby sister have had to be brave girls without
their mom. many family and friends stepping up
to make sure the other girls are taken care of,
but allison sure does miss her mom.

i am hoping this little piece will make her smile.
and that the
blues and greens will match her
newly painted room.

now go hug someone you love!



*[new doo]

new doo - october 16th

so here is the new doo......dark, but boy does it make
my baby blues shine! i was trying to get a decent spt.
i don't know how others get such amazing shots of themselves,
i just not very photogenic - so i sit here taking hundreds of
them, giggling out loud at how silly i look. this one shows the
cut the best - but i was so frustrated i did the stupid tween
shot and i am sorry but i just can't look at my mouth that
way - it was silly!

this is the darkest my hair has ever been. i was a toehead
as a child - so i still don't recognized myself.


five really good things

bourbon street - october 2006

1. another team heading down to work in new orleans.
even though i don't get to make this happy that
there are still people out there with kindness in there
hearts and can make the trip.

2. hanging my artwork around the house and realizing that
i have been productive, that i do have my style as an
artist and embrassing it all.

3. last month i contemplating throwing the towel in on my
freelance design career. today i am so happy that i got over
that moment of insanity! i am truly blessed and happy to be
working in my little studio.

4. delilahblue nudging her way onto the chair, resting her
chin on my chest as i sip on my morning cup of joe.

5. my sassy new mia farrow doo, darker than ever!

thanks liz for the gentle nudge of five really good things....



what is the date today - i have it somewhere.
ah yes, here it is - october 12th. hmmmm.....

october 12th! are you kidding me - why am
i hearing christmas music on 93.1?! seriously -
is this a joke? all day christmas music, and
the sad thing is i sat there and sang along, in
a trance like state as i drove.

what is wrong with this picture?!



fall has arrived in middle indiana

last friday nite i stood on the track at 9pm, watching the
athenians thump nmhs. it was over 80 degrees! today,
just 5 days later, i am sitting in my studio wrapped in a
blanket. my finger tips ache from the cold. indiana falls
are beautiful and one of my most favorite times. i am a
summer and fall girl for sure. the summer was so dry, that
leaves are already falling and not the vivid colors that
fall normally blesses us with.

speaking of blessings - here are mine...

. finally catching up
. the henry tucker foundation - ragball tourney
. girlfriends
. cheri' being featured as a three part series for i.u.
. my colorful walls
. heathly kids
. heather receiving top honors as young lawyer of the year.
. being part of caroline's fundraising

the above images are from priebe's pumpkin patch, right

here in montgomery county. i built there website last year.
it is such a fun place. you can visit them here the pumpkin patch

blessings ya'll!



silly silly girls - canon rebel october 07

this is what i constantly find on my little rebel. i go to
load images and i find these little treats the kids leave me.
teen spt's. this is all the rage and they all make the face.

the yearbook is littered with little faces such as the one above.
self expression? can it be considered self-expression since
every kid is doing it? do you notice when you are out and
about that the kids are constantly taking pictures of themselves.
either with a digital or their cells phones.

then of course, we can't leave out the gangsta move....peace
sign at the chest.