the envy issue

the envy issue - greener pastures.

greener pastures was picked to grace the cover
of underwired magazine. a big shout of a thank
you goes out to laura, who made this so easy.

to be honest when she called to ask if i was interested
it too approximately 5 painful seconds to pull my
chubby chin off my floor. she sweetly offered to send
me an email with all the info. can you tell this hasn't
ever happened! i am so suave.

they found miss green at illustration fridays, so
another big shout of thanks to penelope!



Liz said...

congrats!, and cool illustration too, love your girls dress

Trish Ryan said...

How cool!!! Congratulations :)
And I love the's easy to see why they chose it!

Jane said...

Fantastic news!!

Kelly C. said...

congratulations, girly! you are a rockstar!!

Marilyn said...

Congrats, Kelly!

Katrina said...

congrats to you!!! and what a gorgeous painting. wow, so lovely.

Molly Kate said...

This is beautiful! I just found your blog and I love your art. What is your inspiration? oivvn

Lisa said...

THAT is awesome!

Leah said...

that's so awesome, kelly! congrats!!

jess gonacha said...

oh lord, YOUR blog rocks! I'd be honored to linked here. And i"ll add you to mine! Also, would you mind if I featured your work on my blog? This Miss Green piece is just lovely... :)

Thanks for commenting so I could find you!