somethings on monday

life is spinning past - quickly!

i never get around to taking pictures anymore.
and quite honestly, this gray indiana weather
isn't especially inspiring. the new digs are coming
together slowly, as well as fresh jobs. however,
one thing i love the most has been pushed to
the back....
painting. i have to find some time and
schedule that
in. but i need to be inspired, i make
excuses and
i feel guilty if i take time to paint rather
than put
another load of laundry in, have lunch with
a friend
or check emails. can bite you in
the butt.

i have a big bite out of mine. and it hurts!

yesterday....i was surprised again by kim's uplifting
phone call. out of no where - she called. made my
whole nite. she filled me in on artfest and all the
lovely chickadees. one day my friend! i dig you new
banner by the way!

soon i will be the proud momma of a college grad.
it is so hard to believe i am there in life. but in a
good way. she has been a dream of girl. so confident,
and strong. i don't know where the hell she got that.
but i am glad she found it. working on a summer class
reunion too. can't even get the number out of my mouth
without wanting to throw up, but at the same time it
makes me laugh. a group of us sat at the country club
last week and laughed until our cheeks hurt. stories i had
never heard and watching old friends glisten when talking
about old friends, kids and spouses. some days i hate
here, but on days like that - i am so glad that i do.

i can't believe it has been a month since my last post. like
i said life took a giant nibble out of the tush. so withthat
here a a few goodies that have made me smile......

. penelope and these images - i laughed outloud when i saw these.
. this new artistic soul - drooling
. soul sounds of donovan frankenreiter
. the fun i had creating this banner for

. the peace i find in my little studio

. the new community of friends that
we have found.

to each of you, may peace gently knock on your
door this week.


Liz said...

I know what you mean about the time thing, it sure feels like it's speeding up sometimes... hope your week gets some gentle peace too!

Kelly C. said...

i hear you, girl!! the earth seems to be spinning and moving at such a fast clip these days. your words about your daughter made me smile so wide. what a sweet time. i am so happy to hear your move has been a good one.
your banner at sparkletopia is SO SO SO wonderful!
hugs to you!

Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose) said...

i've been really out of the blog loop thing lately too..i've been trying to blog...but i haven't been reading many blogs...maybe i can slowly ease back into...but life, ya know...

Jane said...

Hey kelly!

I'm feeling like you these days with the blogging thing. You miss one day and the next thing you know, days have passed with no blogging or creating. I find it hard to get that balance too. I wish there were more hours in the day and less mundane chores!

Glad things are going so well at your end :))

Peace and hugs to you!

Katrina said...

nice to have you back in blogland! i know, sometimes i avoid my creative life so fiercely that it's almost comical. and then once i get back in the habit of creating i have that "why haven't been here lately" feeling all over again. ah, the process. and lastly, i can only imagine where your daughter got her confidence and lovely ways!