blessings owned today

earlymorning and i have been listening to vintage neil
diamond on youtube and now dave is playing in the background
i am currently OBSESSED with youtube and all the music
i can find there.

my weeks have been busy, so busy that i employeed
the soon college grad to help with layouts. she steps
in as if she has done it for years. new ipod for her efforts

i have a laptop on the way too. i can't believe i have gotten
away with no laptop all these years. i feel silly even admitting
that i don't have one. now i have to bite the bullet and
buy new software. YIKES! this is going to be an expensive
month, but i have put it off long enough.

this crazy, hairyed life spins frantically some days. i feel like
i am sitting on a carnie ride with my arms raised in the air
stomach up and down, giggling and sometimes near tears
begging for the ride to slow down so i can hop off with my
weary feet under me, looking for the secure footing.

so with that - i embrace the blessings that i have today

..ideas spilling from this conflicted brain
..the brite sun and warmth that has scooped up middle indiana
..the life of caroline that nuzzled up next to me and brought
some sweet souls in to my world pencils and clean white paper
..this local artist, talking to her about creative options
in this sleepy little community. iam not alone.



Liz said...

embrace all your many blessings... I need a big ol' sign that says that, and I need to put it up somewhere where I walk by all day... like the door to my studio... love your carnival metaphor...

design for mankind. said...

Enjoy your new laptop--- your blog is FANTASTIC! :)

Kelly C. said...

i LOVE your description of the crazy, hairyed life...i'm with you on the giggle-near tears-what's next-up/down-left/right-Wheeeeeeeee!
your comment on my blog made my day. thank you! i will email you with some details.

Katrina said...

i just wrote an email to a friend the other day and said "can i get off this roller coaster yet? no not yet. okay then." so you are certainly not alone in the climbs and falls and sometimes spinning. but what lovely things you have also noticed out of gratitude. xoxo.

Swirly said...

I love hearing that you are so busy you need an assistant!! Being in that wild creative frenzy is fun and exhausting and I am cheering you on girlfriend!!

Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose) said...

i too celebrate your blessings...happy weekend to you...

Tiffany said...

My dear, you were not alone in the non-laptop lifestyle...I have yet to succomb...but I really really want to and maybe I will when the finances can handle it!

Many blessings to you!


Colorsonmymind said...

hi love-

just thinking of you and happy to have something to read and catch up with you on.

Hugs and love

jess gonacha said...

ooh, i'll have to tap into the music in youtube! great idea. i'm so tired of all my music these days!!

Jane said...

Love me some vintage Neil Diamond! My daughter is obsessed with Youtube. I hear it coming from her lap top all the time :))

I love making my blessings list too!

The Dream said...

You Tube is such a blast, although I seriously doubt I would ever put a video out there! Laptop ... LUCKY! Awesome list, Kelly - and cool that you have an intern!

design for mankind. said...

You're definitely not alone... and gracious. Vintage Neil Diamond is FANTASTIC.