stone soup...a little bit of everything

studio....sometime in may.
holy crap! 2 weeks - where the hell have i been!?
where i've been....
work, exercise, biking, work, dinners out, out of state
visitors, biking, vegging on a raft in the pool, exercise,
work, phone call with kim, catching up on emails - yours
is coming liz. supporting a dear friend, work, biking,
more dinners out. kicking as hard as i can to keep my
pea brain above water.......................DEEP BREATH!
whew - i am ready for SQUAM. not really, but i will
where i am going....
class reunion pre-party
corinne...coming to stay! wow have i missed her.
pool party saturday afternoon.
25th class reunion - saturday nite!
buffett 2008 - tuesday nite.
and in the middle of all that. revise one website, create another,
layout magazine, finish up stationary. and please find time
to work on commission....and enjoy it!
crazy sweet life - simply stone soup.
peace, ya'll


Swirly said...

You are a woman on the go!!! I am tired just reading about everything you've been up to. ;)

Colorsonmymind said...

wonderful life...wonderful you....

love and kisses

Liz said...

Love your whirlwind, busy, full, summer post!

Kelly C. said...

this happy busy post made me smile so wide, girl! sending you big loves!

Katrina said...

it sounds like you are bursting with creativity and summer business and plenty of inspiration. i love it! enjoy squam. i can't wait to see your squam-isms. xoxo, k.

Juneau.Eco.Mommie said...

busy days, lots of fun. always the best way to be!

jess gonacha said...

whew, you are BUSY! i've been wondering where you've been. :) hope you're well and loving it all!

Anonymous said...

Not to mention at you adopted daughters wedding...i love you! Sara

Marisa and Creative Thursday said...

your summer days of the crazy sweet life sound eerily familiar to mine ~ glad you're having so much fun and living so much crazy sweet life :)