sweet octopussy..

this is sherbet..

i have seen this little guy before. i am so intrigued by all
those little suction cups. you can find more here.

and more fun links...

for the love of patterns - check out jess'
the new mankind mag - erin rocks!
i am now a proud sponsor for kellyrae
and the lovely christine at sparkletopia has once again been
a jewel of a friend and highlighted my new prints on etsy.

another 23 miles logged on the new bike, which i have named
pearl. she is so pretty and easy to ride. these jeans are finally
beginning to feel loose. i can't believe i poured this ass into them
as long as i did! shocked that the seams held that long.

feeling good in my old but newly refined body.



jess gonacha said...

thanks for the link, kelly!!! (yes, i've been busy!) and congrats on the new bod-- that's AWESOME!

design for mankind. said...

Awwww you are the sweetest for mentioning my little mag! :)

And that is SHERBERT??? Noooooo...

AND loose pants? Just HOW did you do it? :)

Katrina said...

yes, cheers to erin for her wonderful mankind mag. and cheers to you for your sparkletopia features. and cheers to us for being kelly rae sponsors! and congrats to your new bike rides and loose fitting pants. perhaps you'll inspire me to ride my own bike a bit more. her name is little lucy blue.

Jane said...

I love coral and turqouise together! Horray for you on the bike miles. I've been doing my exercise thing daily and slowly feeling the difference.

I love the bike name. Just the other day, Breen was wondering what he should name his bike and we got in to the whole discussion on how it must be a "female" name since boats, cars and trains are named that way.

Happy Thursday!