..happy tuesday..

spt tuesday..woohoo

recently someone told me about a little exercise
of looking at yourself in the mirror each day. you
know who you are and don't even deny
started this!

of course, this makes me sooooo uncomfortable,
and so does having my picture taken. but there
is something about spt and a digital camera. it
is addictive! i take a picture and i look and then
i giggle or then i want to cry because my fluffy
cheeks are extra fluffy this tuesday. so out of
sheer madness - well hell, lets take another one
and then i look and then my eyelids are half
closed - so of course i laugh and i have to make
the next one better and so it goes.....

c'mon - don't give me that crap - you know
you do it too...and if you don't, i highly
recommend that you do.

now go laugh and enjoy your tuesday...

peace out.


Tiffany said...

I love your hair - it's funky! I love taking pictures, just not of myself...but it is a great idea to help get over any self-consciousness a person may have.

Juneau.Eco.Mommie said...

adorable photos! very spunky...

Kim Carney said...

you are completely adorable!

jess gonacha said...


Kelly C. said...

you are such a cutey, kelly!!! i love this!! sending you a big hug!