working towards squam

no panic here! just working in studio, putting all the pieces
of the squam puzzle together.
how are you feeling today?
*on a squam note, if you haven't heard already - a girlie that i
really look up to and adore has self published a book. you can
find it HERE. mine arrived saturday and it is a gorgeous tribute
to the creative life. i love her for sharing it with all of us.
now go on and check it out....cmon' you know you want to.


liz elayne lamoreux said...

i am feeling:
happy. ready to kick butt. twirly. a wee bit lonely. openhearted. loved.

thanks for asking.

girl, i can't wait to see your paintings in person!

Liz said...

OH, feeling much the same (about Squam and in general) elated...apprehensive seem to be the winners today.