in between *[2 girls, 2 clicks]

2 girls [kiki and kelly ]. 2 clicks [gears and mountains silly]
collaboration with miss kiki
day late, but i finally got to it!
this past weekend was spent in the moutains of colorado. i am
not a cold weather person. but seeing the sweet moves of the
skiers as we drove in warmed my heart. a gorgeous simple
wedding and good friends who we don't see nearly enough of.

driving between the moutains was a reminder of the simple
life i am meant to live.
peace to each of you today.


Liz said...

OH look at those snowy peaks....

Liz said...
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liz elayne said...

loving this.

the way the curves mirror each other (the sign/the handle) is really fantastic.

jess gonacha said...

beautiful! reminds me of when i lived in boulder. :)

Beth said...

I was waiting for you...thinking you must be gone, somewhere !

and yes, simple is good !

jenica said...

loving you girl. i've missed your posts! glad to know that you're off having fun.