tuesday ..peace..

new ..peace.. bullet cards

i have pretty much stopped watching the coverage, today is a huge
day in our country's history. regardless of the outcome i have
watched something amazing. something raw and beautiful. and

for that mr. obama, i say thank you. thank you for restoring my
hope in the world, in the people. no matter what happens at the

end of the day - i have faith that you have made changes and will
continue that journey.

if you are looking for a bit of inspiration today go visit miss
jaime. she has left each of us a little glitter.

bumper at squam.

"when the power of love overcomes
the love of power the world will
know peace."
peace be with our nation today. and that means each of you.


kristen said...

i'm holding my breathe all day today i think.

have fun at the polls, sister. talk to you soon. xo

susan said...

indeed. peace indeed.

Tracey said...

I took that picture for you at SAW, remember? It was a surprise shot while you stepped away and left your camera in my care. I see you've put it to good use. Dig your peace cards! Hugs!!

Heather, said...

peace...tomorrow will be a beautiful new day! xo

misty said...

i love that sticker!
We did it!
It's a beautiful new day, full of love & peace & change!
Peace to you.

Beth said...

"YES WE CAN"......oh how sweet it is !!!

jenica said...

it's a beautiful thing, no?


aimee said...

a beautiful card and sentiment.

Juneau.Eco.Mommie said...

love, love, love the peace bumper sticker quote. Awesome!

Katrina said...

cheers, cheers, cheers! happy post-election to you. such a victory, my goodness.

Down Comforter said...

very cute stuff
thanks for sharing all this

Susan Tuttle said...




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A beautiful card and sentiment

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