oh...he's was tigger :: dr. randy pausch

a little friday gift for each of you.

click here for a huge smile!

if you are willing to watch and digest, take
the time to learn and reconsider what life
truly needs to be.

thank a bunch randy day
turned even sunnier by your words
and your life.

peace be with you and the ones that loved
you most.


stone soup...a little bit of everything

studio....sometime in may.
holy crap! 2 weeks - where the hell have i been!?
where i've been....
work, exercise, biking, work, dinners out, out of state
visitors, biking, vegging on a raft in the pool, exercise,
work, phone call with kim, catching up on emails - yours
is coming liz. supporting a dear friend, work, biking,
more dinners out. kicking as hard as i can to keep my
pea brain above water.......................DEEP BREATH!
whew - i am ready for SQUAM. not really, but i will
where i am going....
class reunion pre-party
corinne...coming to stay! wow have i missed her.
pool party saturday afternoon.
25th class reunion - saturday nite!
buffett 2008 - tuesday nite.
and in the middle of all that. revise one website, create another,
layout magazine, finish up stationary. and please find time
to work on commission....and enjoy it!
crazy sweet life - simply stone soup.
peace, ya'll


beef jerky

..does it really cure cotton mouth..i doubt it.

we had a grand fourth of july weekend. several great meals
with friends, lots of laughter, several annoying moments,
where i thought my tongue might bleed from me biting it to
keep from going off on someone. another 50 miles logged
on pearl this weekend. and some good naps.

onto another week.


sweet octopussy..

this is sherbet..

i have seen this little guy before. i am so intrigued by all
those little suction cups. you can find more here.

and more fun links...

for the love of patterns - check out jess'
the new mankind mag - erin rocks!
i am now a proud sponsor for kellyrae
and the lovely christine at sparkletopia has once again been
a jewel of a friend and highlighted my new prints on etsy.

another 23 miles logged on the new bike, which i have named
pearl. she is so pretty and easy to ride. these jeans are finally
beginning to feel loose. i can't believe i poured this ass into them
as long as i did! shocked that the seams held that long.

feeling good in my old but newly refined body.