friday nite frenzy

north montgomery sky - friday night frenzy

here in indiana, every friday nite football is played. and
occasionally an indy news crew comes across the fall
sky, in the glory of a helicopter. it was amazing tonight
to watch the blue and orange crowd as the helicopter
graced the sky.

tonight was a reminder of where i come from, my roots
planted here in middle indiana. rooted deep in this county.
my growth began in 1964 when my parents brought me home
to the little house in new richmond, home of the coal creek
bearcats. my father a teacher and varsity football coach. i grew
up on wooden bleachers, splinters in the arse, let me tell ya!
i grew up to the smell of popcorn and fountain cokes. when
students had a love for their school and respect for those
who taught them. my forth year, the bearcats entered
football season with a perfect record and as they came to
their last game, a perfect season.

tonight that 1969 bearcat team was honored during halftime.
i watched my 73 year old father, walk out on the track with his
assistant coach and family friend of over 40 years by his side.
i watched each player shake his hand, wrap there arms around him
and they still address him as coach. as i stood to the side getting
pictures - i could smell the popcorn, i could smell the locker room
and the 5 gallon bucket full of salt tablets. i was 4 again, riding home
after a game on the gravel road, moths smacking the window as the
breeze came through our open windows. i was 4 again, watching my
dad on the sideline, proud of him. to watch 20 some men, still show respect to
a man that coached them 40 years ago, to still shake hands, i was proud of
the job he did.

bearcat football - 1969 - undefeated.


kristen said...

this is the perfect picture of what i think life in the midwest can be like...

congratulations to your Dad, you must be so proud. xoxo

liz elayne lamoreux said...

oh my friend, i love this post.
friday evenings in the fall in indiana.
and your father and the men shaking his hand. so very beautiful.....