mermaid challenge no. 4

miss flora aurora, spunky . independent . full of light.

2 friends::creating, supporting and cheering on
6 weeks::mermies galore keep us both on track
2 daughters who love coming up with names
3 descriptive words for each mermie

we have made to week no. 4!
danielle and i have finished up flora aurora.
my lord that name makes me smile!

each week, i get so excited waiting to see
our two pieces together. now onto week
no. 5 and as always, don't you want to play along too.
we double dog dare ya, to come up with your
little mermie..


elizabeth said...

As I just said on Danielle's blog, these keep getting better and better!

SarahWT said...

Yea, mermies! I just love everything about this challenge - the color palettes, the mermaid names, and especially the pairing of the two finished pieces; I love seeing where inspiration leads two different artists. And it's so cool the way the two pieces always complement each other! Any chance you two will do a group show somewhere when the challenge is finished?? :)

Kelly Lish said...

Love this challenge you girls are doing together! If you do another, I want to do it too! :)