mermaid challenge no. 5

heather ashley, glittery . fun . bubbly.

2 friends::creating, supporting and cheering on
6 weeks::mermies galore keep us both on track
2 daughters who love coming up with names
3 descriptive words for each mermie

so we had to skip a week and take a little vaca, but
we are back with mermie no. 5. these has been so
much fun. i am not sure if my version is glitterly
but bubbly yes.

i still get so happy waiting for danielle to send me
her newest creation. i have to say, this little challenge
has really kept me on my toes in the creating dept. just
what my a.d.d. brain needs.

we double dog dare ya, to come up with your
little mermie..

1 comment:

Juliette Crane said...

your artwork is beautiful! i am so happy to have found your lovely shop and blog and can't wait to stop back again. thank you for being so inspiring! i am delighted to see the results of these challenges. so fun!

best wishes,