how i spent the last 48 hours

2 girls + sometimes a too stressful life, decide to create
in order to get through it. and we did.

once again danielle and kelly pair up for a little fun.
the best part, besides a blooming can
play along too. if you have 48 hours and you know you us what you can do.

c'mon - you know you want to.


SarahWT said...

Oooo!! :) These are just gorgeous! (And I do love me a fabulous adventure...)

This collaboration between you and Danielle keeps getting better and better!

Love you, chica.

Swirly said...

Melissa is here visiting and your name has popped up in our conversations a few times - we are missing you!

stacy kathryn said...

Absolutely in love with that painting on the right!! :)

K8 said...

oh one of these days I will partake in the fun. :) for now it's just fun to watch you two!