strawberry fest....this weekend

come join us this weekend at the crawfordville
strawberry festival...good food, not too sure about
the music and many familiar faces.


Nina said...

Not too sure about the music...yes - looks like a lot of country goodness this year if you like country. I am partial to folk and bluegrass but country no.

The booth looks great! I will be stopping by! Congrats!

jenny said...

oh I wish I could! it would be so fun to stop by your lovely booth and give you a real life hug! hope it goes great! xo

smollthings said...

Love it Kelly !! Can't wait to shop!

Swirly said...

What a beautiful booth! I want to go!

Liz said...

go baby go... now one day, I'm just going to get on a plane and drive thru the "heartland" and stop at a cool art fair and then walk past your booth and but a bauble or a t-shirt or a painting and hope there's not too much country music on the band stand.... xoxo

Kelly Berkey said...

love, love,'s hoping for a sell out!
peace back!

K8 said...

oh yum! how I wish I could have been there to buy up your whole table! love the display