..the golden year..

today we celebrate 50 years of family

which means we embrace the love

the arguments, nights of playing spoons,
long road trips with no air, days spent
on the football field and years of a couple
who always had another spot at the table
for anyone who needed a family to
sit with.

shawn, kelly erin and casey

becky, bryce, frank and steph
hilary, cheri, gabe, clancy, clare, delaney
colleen, alison, graydon, annie,
mac and liam.....

this is the house

that pat and karen built.


Gloria said...

sounds nice..very sweet and amazing ..

liz elayne lamoreux said...

love this photo!
hope you all have so much fun!

tricia said...

i love this. that many years of love is very inspiring. ♥

Swirly said...

That photo is brilliant!

patty said...

very, very special. I remember the celebration of my parents 50th like it was yesterday. They are both gone now. Awesome pic! Hey, like your new look!!

Kelly Berkey said...

What a sweet tribute to a darling family! Have fun my dear!

Jennifer said...

beautiful Kelly. I adore this photo. :)

elizabeth said...

How very special.

I hope you had a wonderful celebration!