the fat wife

so i have to say this entry really has nothing to do
with anything...but me and
my neurotic thought processes.
bryce [my very young husband] plays softball
every summer.
he couldn't go without playing. [i rarely go to his games].

but tonight, we were childless, so i went. as i walked up
to the 2nd field [
carrying a bag o' burgerking] it hit me.
i was a fat wife. please believe me,
i am not making fun
or mocking anyone over weight. but as i walked up
of munching on my whopper w/cheese. i noticed all the 20
in their halter tops, and i realized now in my 40's
i am the fat wife. she is the
wife i used to look at with pity.
you know the one who went to cheer on her husband
he flirted with the 20 something during his game. yep that
is now me.

i ate the whopper with cheese anyway. only really fast hoping
no one would
see me chomping away.

on a very funny in crawfordsville always brings up
the past.
you know very small town, very big fish bowl.

bryce has a team mate [can't give you a name] who i made
out with when i was about
19, at panhell [wabash college]
[he just moved back to town]. he also goes to my church.
can't even look at the man. he probably doesn't even
remember me. of course i remember it like it was
yesterday...warped demented soul that i am.

and even though i am 40, i can still make out with the best of them. so i keep telling myself!

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Anonymous said...

IF at 40 u think u are fat at 50 u really will be !!!