you ever try to get organized? it's funny, the blogs that
i check out daily are all talking about organizing and
getting rid of anything you don't "love, love, love".
i have been totally going through the same thing.
since i have began putting together my studio, it
has been nothing but a sty...
so for the next month it is my goal to boot the crap
to the curb. if it ain't groovy, it goes. in the last
week i have filled 3 black trash baggies with
stuff that just does not matter in my life.
my kids hate me! so far it has been from their
rooms, but today i began in the studio.

next weekend...road trip - ikea or bust.
oh my gosh i love ikea. then the eggplant goes
and a cleaner brighter hipper color shall emerge.
pictures to follow.


Raquelle said...

I read Penelope's blog too, and I got inspired to do some cleaning over the weekend. Unfortunately it was too hot and I was rendered immoble.

Good luck with your clear out! It always feels good to purge all the junk you don't need in your life.

Kim Carney said...

I think of cleaning out but I like every little scrap of paper kept hidden in yet another art bowl, sitting on a big messing table in the middle of a even messier studio. As much as I would like to, I don't think being organized is a gene I have.