i am finally out on my own as an artist. the financial
security that i once knew will now be gone. but hell
i am excited. everyone's been so supportive. i have
to say, it has been a really hectic week. i have the
strawberry fest to get ready for, so i am making beaded
crosses, stationary and painting windows. plus working
on my side jobs [actually they are jobs, no longer
side jobs].

funny how little moments in life put things in perspective.

today, i attended my daughter, clancy's recital. [she
plays acoustic guitar]. i sat and listened to all the
talented kids. wondering to myself why the hell is the
state yanking these programs out of our schools.
one of the last kids to perform was a little boy-riley.
i had watched him earlier enter the school. he was on
a mission, he was excited and serious. he had a job to
do. rileys dad is irag. he has been gone most of the year.
as i sat and listened to riley play the guitar, tears started
flowing and i realized that as that little boy played with such
determination, he was playing for his dad. as he played
it became surreal, i could actually see his dad in the streets
of baghdad walking through the streets, monitoring the

i tend to forget on some days that we still have troops
in the middle east. and regardless of what my views of
of the war and the decisions that my government makes,
there are familys who sacrifice every minute of everyday
for my family. so to anyone who has a loved one protecting
me and my family...god bless each of you.
and rock!


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Raquelle said...

I commend you for pursuing your art fulltime. I know that can be a tough decision as being a full-time artist isn't necessarily a financially stable position. I've often thought of becoming a full-time writer and working from home! That would be great, but I'll have to save up a nest egg first. I wish you the best of luck!