where's your soul

jeepers...what a week! i have a friend [tom] who came up with my
tag line...where's your soul.
i love it. it is totally me. i giggle every
time i use it. tom is getting married this saturday
in maine. so many
blessing to the happy couple. if i could only get everyone to sing

toms jones' [its not unusual] on saturday that would be great...tee hee.
he knows what i am

so with that being said heres where my soul is at this moment... - penelope illustrations goods
sheila bell - great jewelry
cooler weather
suburban bliss - motherhood can sometimes be scarey!
swirlygirl - check out her journal
laughing so hard you feel sick!

i also have a friend who was in italy the last two weeks. i did some
work for her while
she was gone...thanks for the rosary and
murano glass pendant. you rock kelly

be good to yourself and remember to do things that make you happy [legal of course]


Raquelle said...

I'm so happy that Penelope opened her new online store for her art! Yay! Props to her. Are you close friends with her? I'm only a lonely fan of her blog (and her art).

Swirly said...

I love your message at the end, "Do things that make you happy." Happiness doesn't have to come from grand experiences and moments - in fact, I think they usually come from the little things. Everytime I look up at my bulletin board and see my 6-year old best buddy Sofia I feel happy. She never fails to make me smile. :)