weeks end

it is 5 o'clock my house.
this red stripe is oh sooooo good. i just
hit another deadline...yippee. oh the joy
of thinking it won't get done, new problems
arise, but you somehow dig in and hit it.

i have not had time this week to think of
everything thing that is going on around
me - the devastation in london, the horror
in idaho, our troops still in the middle east.

my day seems to go on uneffected. my
heart aches for all involved. my mind
wanders and trys to make sense. i will
never make sense of these crimes. i just
say a prayer for all involved.

so i say to everyone out there...many
blessings to you and your loved ones.
hold tight to one another.



Raquelle said...

I hear ya! There is way too much to take in. I feel that if I were to feel what I am supposed to feel for all these problems going on I would just fall apart. Best thing to do is deal with it as we can right?

Swirly said...

I also find it a strange dichotomy of appearing to be living my "normal" day to day life in the face of a tragedy such as London. Those are the days I feel especially helpless.