minimum wage

ahhh....minimum wage. i just got done watching
morgan spurlocks [ 30 days ]. remember
him from [supersize me]. pure genius.
this episode of 30 days work around how
people survive on minimum wage. he
gave up his salary for 30 days to see
how he could do it. if you have the chance
to catch this episode. do it. it gives you
the appreciation for the folks who actually
live their whole life working for nothing.
we say, we live in america. we live in the
greatest nation.

my thought...we can do better!

check morgan out on fx network.
he puts out really good stuff
he makes you think, he makes you
want to do better.

bryce and i downsized significantly this
past year. after watching this, i realized
what we gave up is still nothing compared to
what so many do with out everyday

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Raquelle said...

Hey there,

Thanks for the recommendation. That show sounds really neat.
I saw how my mom struggled for so long working in retail. I worked for retail myself for a little bit and really hated it. I'm holding on to my salary job for deal life!