the menagerie

we have new family members! gabe has adopted
an iguana from depauws lab and clancy has thrown
precaution to the wind and invested in some
very colorful fish. i am digging the orange rocks!
she found a very arsty aquarium at petsmart and
it goes perfectly in her very colorful room! i just
hope the fish last. she named them bob and fred
and gabe's iguana is bowser for now. we seem
to always have a hard time sticking with names.

my kids love animals and bryce just can't figure

out why we need any. but he is pretty good
about just going with the flow and besides, he
is rarely here and the kids are incharge of their
own clean up.

we will be welcoming a new pup this summer
and i am trying to put a game plan in place
before she gets here. the kids are so happy
that we are getting a dog. cheri' is just glad
that it will be a sturdier dog. she wants a great
dane when she gets out of college and has
her own place.

so with that being said - here is why my life
is so blessed...

cheri going off to chicago for her internship
our new family members
my great mother's day gifts
the sun finally finding it's way to indiana
dear friends near and far
el conquestador and the family moving to the ville
my packet of seeds waiting to hit the dirt

happy tuesday!


Colorsonmymind said...

Happy Wed:)

Tine said...

Wow! Hubby had an iguana once (fortunately beforer my time, hahaha!). Animals are great! I prefer the more furry kinds though like guinea pigs and dogs and cats and ferrets... ;-)

Happy Wednesday!!

la vie en rose said...

lizards and fish i can do...rodents, no way, no how...

Bohemian Girl said...

i could sense your happiness from here.

glad to see your family extending with adorable petsies.


Hanna said...

congratulations on the new family members! hope they will live happy and long in your family! :-)