need the zen

{lilac bush}

hello all...our house has been
so busy with getting our summer
yard presentable. yesterday
my mom and dad stopped by
with a lilac tree to plant. lilacs
are one of my favorites. if you
noticed the stake is a pitchfork.
that is an official trademark of
my dad. he uses whatever works.
i love it! very creative, resourseful
inexpensive and funky. it's going
to stay!

you would think summer would be

appealing, but this is when my kids
take off for the summer to stay with

their dad. as much as they drive me
nuts with the arguing, back talk and

always wanted to be going somewhere-
i miss them and wish that they were
with me.

i hate to even ask this...but i am going
to take a break for a bit. i am about to
enter a very sad and scary phase in life
and i feel that i need to concentrate on
some important life issues. so please
keep me and my family in your thoughts, prayers
etc. i have learned over the past year -that
this group of women are such a beautiful
force and that is why i ask. and don't
worry, no one is sick. we just need
positive thoughts, a little zen.

so i will be checking in occassionally and
emails are good. just don't want anyone
to think that i have left.

so more important today, than blessings

heather for her laughter, knowledge and strength. i simply don't
know what i would do without her.

cheri...raw loyalty and fiery spirit
gabe...huge smile and massive heart
clancy...beautiful voice, and new dance [the dip] and and levelhead
lynnie....kind spirit

elconquestador....he will read this and send me some snotty
email and make me laugh

my newly tilled/planted garden and green green lawn
sitting out in front of my outdoor fire...relaxed

happy summer to all and love the ones you are with!


gkgirl said...

i'm sorry to hear that
you are taking a break
and even moreso that
something is causing you
to take a break...
i hope that time helps
to even out whatever rough times
you are having...

and i also had to say
lilacs are my

la vie en rose said...

sending you many blessings, prayers, and good thoughts! please keep us updated and let us know what more we can do to support you. i'll miss you!

Anonymous said...

you know that garden is going to die off right...

Anonymous said...

such a drama queen!

Bogart said...

Hi Kelly... I do hope things get better for you, I know having a little ball of Airedale fur around soon is going to help a lot! I know I am a joy every single day in my human's lives, and your new little addition will be the same.

Mom strips my hair - she wasn't going to (heard that it takes a long time, is a pain in the butt, etc.) but then a friend gave us the stripping tools and it was actually rather easy. Of course I had about 9 months of puppy fur (which mom highly recommends... she always thought I was so cute with a full Airedale 'fro) but it definitely does take a lot of time and a lot of energy to do it. That part was true. I know that mom would have happily taken me to the groomer for a buzz cut if these tools hadn't been given to her.

All the best - keep me updated on your new pup when she arrives!!!


Bohemian Girl said...

sending you some zen....

blessings and prayers for your beautiful heart.


firstborn studio said...

sending nourishing thoughts your way...i,too,am in a struggle now...many things are changing in my life and i am trying very hard to stay gracefully in the moment,just for today.
p.s. i adore your dad's creative precious he must be!