long last week...i am dreaming of a

warm sandy beach. running my feet
through the rough sand - instant
pedicure. i am sure i am lazily coddling
a strong

i am finally finished with my graduation orders,

and once i get my two estimates off to clients
i get to take a deep breath.

bryce is running the mini this weekend. he has

really been kicking ass on his training. i don't
know how he does it...i suck air just watching
him. gabe shot a 50 today at his golf meet.
so he hit his goal and earned back his #3 spot.
he was happy. clancy is out on the porch with a
friend and i am loving the fact that i can see my
studio floor again.

i frantically pulled it together this morning - i had
a student come and shadow me this morning. she
is only a freshman and i hope that i let her see that
the world is hers. as i talked to her about design
options, i realized that 25 years ago [are you kidding
me...25 years!] when i was entering the real world
my options seemed to be teacher, nurse and secretary.
i majored in child development. i would rather jump
off a cliff! i made it through 2 years and i think my
gpa was a 1.7. but i could play a mean game of
quarters and drink any guy under the table. however,
this is no longer true. today...3 beers and i am done.

so to round out this day of babbling i will leave you
with some funnies...i am totally being a copy cat.
miz kelly rae was kind enough to share hers
[btw - check out her paintings - i dig them]

so here they are!
1. when i was little - i could walk on my hands, forever!

i was so limber that my feet would skim the floor. today
i can't even touch my toes.

2. i have quite a sassy mouth and most people don't
realize how shy insecure i really am

3. i dream of having my own stationary/textile design business

4. i hate when i hurt someones feeling

5. i will drive past my house and around the block if steve miller
band's [jungle love] is on the radio. i can't get out until it
plays all the way through

6. i am a closet dancer [outkast - hey ya! is a favorite]

7. i start a painting and struggle to finish it - this really isn't
funny. but it is one of my querks. i think i am afraid

of the result!

8. i can pop my hips out of joint.

9. when i am sitting around with my kids...they crack me
up. i wish i thought they were as hilarious when in public.

10. i make bitchin guacamole!

happy tuesday!


Server Girl said...

happy day to you as well..WoW...u are quite the talented one!! pop your hips out and walk on your hands...:)...but the question is can u walk afterwards?? :)

la vie en rose said...

mmmmm...pass the guacamole!

Swirly said...

We share two peculiar traits from our past - I, too, was a rubber band gymnast and I, too, could drink most guys under the table in college. I'll never forget being at a party, and a guy - who I did not know at all - came up to me and said, "I see you all the time at this bar and that bar and this party and that party and you always look like you are having so much fun!"

Moral of the story: Being drunk can be super fun when you're young enough to make a fool of yourself!

kelly rae said...

love this list! i used to be able to walk on my hands up and down the sidewalks. i so miss those days of flexibility!

and i'm all about dancing to Hey that song.