bless my soul *[finished]

{ stretch your mind and fly ~african proverb}

i just finished a really big order and i am

happy. happy that i accomplished it, happy
that i took it on and happy of what i have
learned. i had hoped to have my website
live by this time. i am so close.
but i have
been blessed with new design
jobs and
holiday orders. and well i am
the only
employee in the studio. so the shop will
be opened january one!

the shop will feature paperware, notepads,

some eclectic finds and my artwork as
it comes to me. so please visit and
spread the word.

coming indigo soul


la vie en rose said...

woo-hoo! can't wait!

Sarah e. Smith said...

oooh...can't wait to see your marvelous creations :)