she blooms

[she blooms]

mixed media
8x24 inches
acrylics, oil crayons, silver leaf and papers
on 1.5in deep canvas.

black finished sides

signed and ready to hang

i have found a really sweet site through my girl
christine miller. i am amazed at the talent and
pure happiness that i have come upon through
other sites. marisa haedike is one of those
sweet chicks. she allows you to not only
view her art, but she provides so many artisitc

i have been catching up on her podcasts the
last couple of weeks. tonight i finished a painting
that has been sitting in the studio for eight months.
simply because of fear, fear of not being accepted,
good enough or no one "getting it".

thanks marisa for the gently shove down the
hill....please visit her here.

while i am passing out kudos. she will be part of
this.....the girly show!. six amazing artists
Saturday, February 10th - One Night Only.


Enid said...


I haven't visited you and so long and I'm glad to see that your work is still as fab as I remember it. I will make sure to visit more often to see just what you are doing.

melanie said...

i so love your style, Kelly!

p.s. i sure do miss the rss feed on your site... any chance you can bring it back so i can notified right away when you have posted?

la vie en rose said...

i love this one too!!!!

Marisa Haedike and Creative Thursday said...

Thank you lovely Kelly! Glad that the little "push" helped, because your work is beautiful. I especially love this one. So happy you are sharing it with the world.