studio friday *[look who i found!]

look who i found!.....if you click the postcard
it will take you to 6 really sweet chicks. i have
followed 5 of the ladies for over a year, met two
of them and bent their ears. and have been
blessed by the art that each on puts her soul
into. they are some happy girlys......

if you are in L.A. the 10th of february, go to
the show for me.

The Girly Show - One Night Only

February 10th - 4-11pm

the girlys......
christine mason miller
penelope dullaghan
mati rose
marisa haedike

kelly rae roberts


Stephanie said...

I love the shows title! The Girly Show! Thanks for the great links.

Salix Tree said...

Those Girlies are quite talented! I especially like Outi's work, very feminine and emotional.

Lisa said...

Thanks for posting! I love discovering new artists. I really like Marisa's work.

Swirly said...

Thank you Kelly!

kelly rae said...

yes, thank you!