bless my soul *[2006]

oh....sweet 2006.
well maybe not so sweet, some bitter too.

sweet of o6'

meeting up with two of my most favorite artists....
christine and penelope

eating under twinkle lites in sunny california
with bryce listening to bing crosby singing
[white christmas]

watching gabe excel his freshman year, splashing
through the water and showing his huge comical relief

actually painting a few canvas'

annual buffett fest

getting to witness miz campbell's birth

my new green buddha bank...i dig him

my pooch delilahblue....the spunky airedale

marc broussard at the vogue, g-love too - but bad bad
crowd for his set.

watching cheri work through college and getting to attend
a lot of her design classes, just by drinking in all of her

discovering appleton estates - yummie jamaica rum, man

another year of freelancing

clancy's growing up....hope we both make it out alive!

finishing up my website....even if it is a month late

great meal and quiet new years eve with bryce

my colorful home and getting rid of the money pit of a saab

and as much as we all drive it other nuts sometimes, my
big extended circle family and friends



Marilyn said...

Sounds/looks like a fabulous year!

la vie en rose said...

amen! what a great year.