bless my soul *[hands on]

lower 9th ward [nola]

today cbs - guidinglight shared footage of the
shows actors trip, to the gulf coast. 18 months
after katrina and those south, STILL looks like
the above image. common! we live in america
and this is all we've got?
november 2006, i traveled with a group from
st. bernards to st. gabriel of the archangel,
in new orleans. the devastation is wide, the
pain and suffering is deep.
as i watched the guiding light special, tears
ran down my face. i cry for the ones i had
to leave behind, still trying to gain control
of their lives, i cry for the new friends i met,
for the children who attended st. benedict
of the moor, on st. gabriels campus and i cry
because i yearn to go back.
if you are looking for something to do, something
that will forever change your life....please go
here. the hands on network is a great place to
start! they partnered with guiding light.


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Marilyn said...

Wow, what a remarkable thing for the show to do...I'm dashing to work now, but will bookmark that link. Katrina still tugs at me nearly very heartbreaking...