bless my soul *[fins]

g's on his way to the state meet as an alternate
this weekend. i am so proud of his accomplishments
many seconds of dropped times, a new place
to exist. watching him walk out to the car with
bryce this am, big fat smile on his face....proud
of himself, of his teammates. and momma couldn't
be prouder too...not because he is going to state,
but for the hours he put in when he was sore
and tired. all the 5am mornings, the long weekends,
and the smile on his face when he spotted the
his time on the board, when he passed those who
have been passing him for 3 seasons and because
he always looks for me in the crowd.

swim boys swim.....

[look closely. the beautiful may be small] ~ emmanuel kant


Swirly said...

Rock on!

Marilyn said...

Congrats to him!! My youngest niece (9) has been swimming for a couple of years, so I recognize that feeling you described...of accomplishment after having worked so hard. I doubt it will ever be her best sport (gymnastics is), but she loves it and pushes herself to always best her previous time.

Kim Carney said...

I really love that. That he looks for you in the crowd. I am proud of him too!