studio friday *[drawing a blank]

happy 2nd birthday - studio friday!

7 blocks, ready to finish! seven!....8 months
ago, one canvas sat on my table, begging for
a bit of love. talk about drawing a blank. i finally
made myself finish her. there is something about
a canvas ready to finish. it exudes the possiblity.
for me - i rarely know how i will finish it. what
lies ahead. today - i am happy in orange, pink
and a bit of sunshine. sunshine, that is of a bit
of yellow peaking through. no sun outside today...
we are under a fresh blanket of snow.
to see who else is drawing a blank...walk this way!
oh and tell tine bravo, while you are at it.
blessing ya'll


Carrie Sommer said...

Finished work is so empowering; it enables you to continue! Thanks for visiting me and your kind words.

You are an amazing artist! I love your girl series!

Dena said...

what a beautiful color or misture of colors on that canvas! i know what it is like to have to step away in order to finish. thanks for your comments on my blog.


Anonymous said...

love the color and the inspiration!


Sydney Harper said...

Cheerful colors! It's interesting how sometimes we have a wealth of inspiration and other times it's a struggle for any inspiration.

la vie en rose said...

i'm sure whatever you do with that canvas will be yummylicious!

Colorsonmymind said...

Oh these colors made me smile.

Can't wait to see what you add to it.

Love to you

Tine said...

Thank you!! :-)
Oh that canvas looks beautiful! Such a powerful colour combo that is emerging! I love how it stands in such a complete opposite of the 'blank' it drew before. Keep powering through it!

Swirly said...

Blessings to you, Miss Lovely.