bless my soul *[indigo]

Aye-aye n D I G in circle O
find this here!

once again, i am a copykat. miz kellyrae posted this on her site.
i can't
help it! i just love seeing my name spelled out! if you want
to see something
really crazy, visit sasha wizansky at her new
publication called meat paper.
she is a really talented chick!
this is what i found at meat paper....the hamburger
i wanted to throw up when i first saw it, but shit - its funny!

i swear someone could hire me to research great new sites!
if only....imagine
getting paid to surf the net, for funky finds.

so it thursday and i've been blessed, here.....

my new garden and buddha shrine
my mother's day more painting on my lap!
tom's honesty and friendship
c, turning 21 and heading to london for the summer
this happy studio, that is growing with new paintings

artistic creative chickadees who have taken the time
to include me in their world

oh and here too....miz delilahblue the sassy airepooch
nothing better then a 60lb pup climbing in your lap for
a snuggle and finally - b, g and little c who i spend my
everyday with whether the sun shines or not.

blessings ya'll!

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Swirly said...

That is a beautiful list and you deserve it all!