saturday aches

little miz campbell, the aviator
i woke up this morning with my neck out of sink.
i hate feeling like this, allergy season is weighing
heavily on my body.

we had a long week and i am not sleeping well.
of course, that could be because, i am burning
the candle at both ends again, not eating right
or exercising and i need to get back into surrounding
myself with those who i love most.

on the brite and happy note - i am painting in the studio
almost daily. fresh varnish coats my latest creations
and campindigosoul will soon be live, along with the happy
girl etsy shop. my feet are barely touching the ground
i am so damn excited!

my life is filled with many blessings, but today i ask
that you send prayers and zen to these amazing
heros in my life, each who are hanging tight in the fight
against cancer. they and their loved ones are my
daily reminders of what life is truly about.

henry tucker - caroline harmon - wilbur isom

blessings ya'll

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