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note cards coming soon.

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for caroline

i am caroline [copyright 2007 kelly barton/indigosoul]
i had so much fun with this piece! a sassy super
girl for a very spunky brave girl....

Caroline was diagnosed with Juvenile
Myelomonocytic Leukemia on December 19, 2006.
It is an extremely rare form of leukemia.

if you would like to read more about caroline
and her can click here to visit her
caring bridge site. please take the time to stop
by and even leave her and her dedicated cutie
mom a note of encouragement....and tell them
kelly sent you!

and by the way, her favorite color is purple, just
in case you couldn't tell!


saturday aches

little miz campbell, the aviator
i woke up this morning with my neck out of sink.
i hate feeling like this, allergy season is weighing
heavily on my body.

we had a long week and i am not sleeping well.
of course, that could be because, i am burning
the candle at both ends again, not eating right
or exercising and i need to get back into surrounding
myself with those who i love most.

on the brite and happy note - i am painting in the studio
almost daily. fresh varnish coats my latest creations
and campindigosoul will soon be live, along with the happy
girl etsy shop. my feet are barely touching the ground
i am so damn excited!

my life is filled with many blessings, but today i ask
that you send prayers and zen to these amazing
heros in my life, each who are hanging tight in the fight
against cancer. they and their loved ones are my
daily reminders of what life is truly about.

henry tucker - caroline harmon - wilbur isom

blessings ya'll


illustration friday *[signs]

blue [copyright kelly barton/indigosoul] mixed media
12x12x2 inches deep
paper, acrylics, silver leaf
and graphite.

hmmm...signs is the IF subject for this week. most
people think blue means sad or in a funky mood.
but to me, it is when iam in my creative mode.
i love the word blue, i dig it. so blue is the sign
of my creative happy mind.
looking for more signs.....walk this way!
happy weekend, ya'll!


bless my soul *[indigo]

Aye-aye n D I G in circle O
find this here!

once again, i am a copykat. miz kellyrae posted this on her site.
i can't
help it! i just love seeing my name spelled out! if you want
to see something
really crazy, visit sasha wizansky at her new
publication called meat paper.
she is a really talented chick!
this is what i found at meat paper....the hamburger
i wanted to throw up when i first saw it, but shit - its funny!

i swear someone could hire me to research great new sites!
if only....imagine
getting paid to surf the net, for funky finds.

so it thursday and i've been blessed, here.....

my new garden and buddha shrine
my mother's day more painting on my lap!
tom's honesty and friendship
c, turning 21 and heading to london for the summer
this happy studio, that is growing with new paintings

artistic creative chickadees who have taken the time
to include me in their world

oh and here too....miz delilahblue the sassy airepooch
nothing better then a 60lb pup climbing in your lap for
a snuggle and finally - b, g and little c who i spend my
everyday with whether the sun shines or not.

blessings ya'll!


bless my soul *[buddah happy]

happy yard, mothers day 2007

mothers day was spent in the yard, planting,
moving, fixing and spreading. sipping cold
beer, uhing and ahing over all my new buddahs
and such. it was a gorgeous day, where a long
drive took us to a local greenhouse that carrys
many eclectic flowers and art. i giggle each time
i look out over the yard and see our creations.

how did you spend your day.....


bless my soul *[ b ]

b and me, st. louis - april 2007
i honestly don't know what i would do if b wasn't
in my life. he is my rock. and right now i need
a big rock. i am sure there are days he gets tired
of being that rock, but he sucks it up and keep
me on the right road. he is conservative and i tend
to miss the path. i am the one that leaves the
path too look at the flower in the middle of the
field, or the person walking by who i think i recognize.
i tend to get off focus, he is always focused. i live
in the creative mode, he lives in the prepare for
tomorrow mode. i love color, he could care less.
i lead with emotion - he with his practical thinking.
i cry and he looks and me and says [what on earth
are you crying about] and most days, i need that.
i am really beginning to wonder if i am going to be able
to maintain this creative path. i lost a big job
recently - i couldn't even tell bryce for 4 days. i was
embarrassed, worried and actually pissed off. pissed
off because, i did everthing i was asked to do. as far
as i am concerned, i was brought in as a buffer - and
when it didn't work, they went back to the old way.
now i know why i need contracts. i am tired of being
considered the clean up point. i am tired of being stepped
on and i am really tired of feeling second rate.

i have fallen behind, because i am constantly taking little
jobs that carry me through - but end up costing more
that what i can possibly make $$. i am the independent
designer, i have a lot to offer - but in this world of bullshiters
they go with who ever plays the part. i don't play the part.
i am not bells and whistles. i will not sell my soul to the devil.
i have been painting and finishing up my website. next i will
be photographing my originals for prints, and getting more
card designs finished for my site as well. my etsy site is waiting
too. but trying to get this all together and working on designs
jobs that pay the bills, trucking my kids all over town, cooking
dinner, helping friends, walking delilah - wow....i am pooped.

needless to say no much left over for me. and so, i need to
find the road of staying on point, and feeling good about the
blessings and talents that i have been given. today - i am not
feeling good about any of it. i am very fragile and i am going to
take a bit of time to embrace that. ignoring it hasn't worked.
so what the hell - i will try it this way - what can it hurt.

the funny this is - as much as b is my rock. i know that i am
a rock for others. and i am blessed by that. it feels good to know
that i have made a difference in others lives, that my kids learn
from me and that b loves me. so for today, i will make that enough.
if anyone has any advice or ways that you stay focused with your
creative career...i am all ears. in the meantime, i am going to make it
goal to finish [creatively self-employed] i am sure that the stories
kristen shares will put me back on the path!




Your Aura is Blue

Spiritual and calm, you tend to live a quiet but enriching life.
You are very giving of yourself. And it's hard for you to let go of relationships.

The purpose of your life: showing love to other people

Famous blues include: Angelina Jolie, the Dali Lama, Oprah

Careers for you to try: Psychic, Peace Corps Volunteer, Counselor
nothing shocking here. i know this, my family and friends know this. hence
indigo - indigosoul. i love being blue.
bryce ran the mini today - maybe i will give it a try next year.
blessing ya'll


if *[remember]

[love wide]

illustration friday topic - remember....
i traveled to new orleans november 06, i have
not forgotten the wide.
24 x 24 inches, wood panel
mixed media
acrylics, oil crayons, graphite, silver leaf
dictionary pages and
katrina images.
oh....i didn't think i was going to get this one done

blessings ya'll