FIVE really....REALLY good things.

sweet towels

here are my really REALLY good 5 things
so far this week....

some news hopefully coming soon - i will share if i get
a yes.

seeing "g" wearing his varsity jacket, and his constant "kip"
impressions that are straight on!
[Napoleon, don't be jealous that I've been chatting online
with babes all day. Besides, we both know that I'm training
to be a cage fighter.]

nahcotta opening this weekend! if you go to the opening,
email me all the details and i will drool.

phone calls about my artwork, new design job possiblities

taxes being done this weekend.

bonus goodness: the obama video below "yes we can"

what are five really good things in your world



Liz said...

OK, 5 good things for the week:
1. Within days of finishing a huge design project, that I will be thrilled to see go off to the printer
2. Expenses spreadsheet done for my taxes! and I am SO early this year
3. Sun! Sun! Sun!
4. Beginning a sweater for my niece who will be 1 in April
5. Feeling hopeful about this country, and so very very hopeful about Obama

Kelly C. said...

Reading this made my day instantly better. THANK YOu! It has been a bit crazy in my world, and I need to take stock of at least five things I have to be incredibly grateful for. (I'm so excited for you and Nahcotta! Yay!)
Here are mine right now:
1. I submitted my portfolio to be reviewed by the design department.
2. Inside the portfolio are pieces I have worked my booty off to create, and that I am so happy with. They are pieces I could not have made a year ago or even six months ago.
3. I am teaching 6 yoga classes a week. My goal was to get 2 classes going. Just goes to show you that when you ask for something, it really comes to you if you open up. (um, i REALLY need to remember that one this week on other fronts.)
4. We are caucusing this weekend and I am actually moved to tears by my candidate, Mr. Obama. THis has never happened in the 11 years I have been voting.
5. My friends Erik & Bekah are having a baby today!!!

Katrina said...

thing 1: your amazing comment on my blog that made my day, first thing. (thank you.)
thing 2: i agree, sun!
thing 3: writing & sewing & printing all in one day.
thing 4: my new cat nearly sleeping through the night.
thing 5: a warm walk this morning.

Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose) said...

those towels are super sweet...

i put my 5 in liz's comments...let me see if i can recapture...

1. taxes being complete most definitely...
2. the super yummy roasted red pepper hummus i had at lunch
3. homemade almond butter and cashew butter
4. planning a date with the b-dog tomorrow night
5. it's thursday which means the weekend is right around the corner...

The Dream said...

Awesome things on your list! LOVE Kip - yeah, that flick is definitely a family favorite. My favorite scene is when Napoleon's uncle throws the steak - bahahaha!

OK, my five really good things:
1. having a freshly brewed cup of coffee to sip while reading blogs
2. feeling very creatively lately
3. having to wear only a light sweater while walking Sunny in the sunshine today
4. taking my son out to lunch today and laughing
5. duke beating north carolina last night