blank canvas awaits.

what a happy happy weekend. the best since summers
most days i feel like i am on a rollercoaster. this
weekend we had our taxes done....check. i finished up
another job on friday.....check. kids were with their
dad.....check. my work-a-holic "b" was game free....check.
we both snuck in two naps and went to dinner, chomped on
some delicious gourmet burgers. i feel so rested and caught
up. why oh why do we think running ourselves into the
ground is the way to live?

i have a sketch ready for my blank canvas, it will be for
a new dear friend who has tirelessy worked to help dawn
and i with our little caroline's fight against juvenile cancer.
she makes purses. oh and little pockets, each full of pattern,
vintage fabrics, ribbon and ties. there is a bit of a handbag
crusade here in this little middle indiana town. if you would
to check them out....go here. she is part of an amazing,
kind and beautiful family. we have fallen in love with them.

i am off to start my day....peace ya'll


Katrina said...

congrats on a lovely weekend and such super activity in your studio. happy monday to you! i can't wait to see what this canvas becomes...

Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose) said...

love all those checks off the list...whenever that happens i always feel a hundred pounds lighter...

can't wait to see what you create on that canvas!!!