happy. and five good things

necco's - i dig them

another busy week, but a good busy. it is thursday and
i have neglected my 5 REALLY good things, brought to you
by liz, each week. so here goes

. 8:39am, munching on sweetheart necco's
.. g's bald head, swim sectional tonight.
... miss c's midterm card, all a's
.... the other miss c, finding her way in the world of design
..... b and i working on being better at "marriage"

how about you, what are you 5 things?

and as a vd bonus, i will leave you with some happy
eye candy.

..michelle brusegaard -peacock enclosures, mine are pink..

..holly hawk..leather cuffs [can't choose]

..jen lemen's altars..

..mimi doodles encaustic paintings.. blogs to drool over,
..stephanie lee studios..
..mccabe, the dancing mermaid and her rocks..
..and urban prairie refueled..

and how can i NOT mention our hometown boy
top 24 finalist in american idol...........[insert drumroll]
he's pretty sweet to look at too!

hope you feel the love today


Kelly C. said...

I always look forward to your lists!!
This has been a crazy week over here, crazy in a good way, but still crazy. So, here it goes:
My 5 good things:
1. A dear, sweet soul commissioned two pieces this week! (My first ever!)
2. I have been doing some legal work outside the house, and I have relished spending some time in a hustling, bustling work place (not too much time, but just enough to make me remember the fun parts about office life!).
3. My haircut is really working out the way I wanted it to: I can actually wear it down!!
4. I somehow found a bunch of new blogs this week-- just when you think you've "met" everyone, the internet just keeps unearthing more glorious talents!
5. The sun has shone for two days in a row!!! This is like a week in Mexico for me (well, not quite, but it's dang good!).

I never got back to you about my Barack moment last week. We didn't get to see him live and in-person, but he brings tears to my eyes just listening to him on the radio! Can you believe it??

gkgirl said...

that's a great list!!
happy heart day to you,

The Dream said...

Cool, cool, cool - just like you!
Hey, I have been checking out your latest creations and they are magnificent! EVERY SINGLE TIME I see something new of yours, I break out in a cheshire cat grin. You have a way of making people freakin' HAPPY!

Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose) said...

yeah for so many good things! i love the heart you made with all the little hearts!

Swirly said...

My five things right now:
* Getting to fall asleep to the sound of the rain last night.
* A new pomegranate lipgloss - yum!
* Lunch and coffee with a girlfriend today
* No plans this weekend
* Right now outside - the smell of rain but the sun shining, everything glowing green!


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Don't you just love Chris' style at Urban Prairie. Thanks for stopping by.