today i found this,

dream house

this...brought tears to my eyes.
this...says everything that rattles
around in my head. simple and true.



melanie said...

i am right there with ya! very beautiful thoughts by jen :)

i love that though we may not have 'island living' right now we can create that bit of peace where we are if we slow down a tad AND take care to listen to our hearts.

kelly, hope your week has been joyful!

design for mankind. said...

Hi dearie!

The softie is from HerzenArt (I'm pretty sure!):

Tiffany said...

Oh, that looks positively sweet and inviting! Lovely, lovely.

Katrina said...

what a lovely link. yes, i've certainly been the one in the pink tights and felt a loss when i didn't take the opportunity for compassion and kindness. (sigh.) and yet we get another chance...

Kelly C. said...

i LOVED this. perfect for me today.
you are a blessing, my dear!

Nina said...

Thanks for that link. I wish I could live so simply.

Also, thanks again for recommending me for the Alive after Five art get together. It went well but not many people strolled through. I think we need to put up a sign if it is done again.

- 9