beloved one..print

4 new prints now available. go check them out!

..beloved one


Katrina said...

these prints are fantastic. and i have a special attachment to the "stella" print as that's the name of my beloved cat!

Jane said...

I love these images! Keep up the great work!

Kelly C. said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this one, and i'm on my way over to check out your other new prints in the shop. these colors are amazing!!
have a wonderful tuesday!

fromthepines said...


I got here from Andreas post on Squam and saw you were going too! I just finished reading all your blog(!!) and I love how you are now creating the art you want. I am in the process of that too. I am also going to Squam and I was hoping to meet some people before I go. I am one of the ones from Canada and I am driving down.
What classes are you taking?
Talk soon,


Swirly said...

As always...they look gorgeous!