..bless my soul..[progress]

busy happy studio..
things are really busy here. but
in that - i can find plenty of
i have found out that i was
accepted to have a table for
squams vendor night. if you have
checked this art workshop out
please do so - i can only feel
that this is going to be life
changing for me. elizabeth
is such a endearing soul, so
helpful and kind. christine
will be introducing her new book
for all those attending.
i have been busy in the studio.
as always frantically trying to
get paintings started and finished.
i am hanging some of my pieces
at a coffee house in zionsville,
this sunday. it has been such
a rush to be able to paint again.
i hate when respondsiblities take
me away from that.
i have a little part time gig at
the local rec center. i have also
began an exercise and diet program
called [ body for life ]. i can't tell
you how good it feels to get up
and move. this computer has
taken control of my life for far
too long, yes - have to use it to
make a living, but i dont have to
be tied to it to the point of being
new laptop is finally primed for use.
that will come in handy when i am
basking in the sun on beckys pool
deck sipping an ice cold red stripe....
ah, its summertime and life is sweet.
peace, ya'll


a little bird said...

awesome blog, i have never seen it before - i'm glad i came across you : ) you will be hearing more from me!


design for mankind. said...

You'll be doing Squam? Good for you!!!

melissa said...

so excited to see what you create for Squam. I better start saving now! xo

Liz said...

yay for time to paint! your studio looks like a happy place for creating and creating more!

Jane said...

Awesome! Sounds like so many good things are happening for you :)

Happy Friday.

MadFlyTom said...

I'm glad you finally have the laptop of your dreams! Good for you! Can't wait to see the creative work that flows from it now!

Swirly said...

I love seeing a glimpse of your studio and reading about how all the creativity bees are buzzing about in your life. Can't wait to see you at Squam!!