bless my soul *[goodness]

...some days we just need some added goodness.
here is some that i have received through the

check these.

zen habits...morsels of the simple life

made by girl...want color and happyness, go here

peace within....hats and tees, that remind us

a dear friend kim is living without her husband
while he is in the middle east. she is so strong and
brave. in the middle of her crazyness she posted
about the zen in her life. such a simple gesture of
kindness that made me sit still and regroup. she is
a light in my world and i miss her. so here is my
zen, my haiku...

...the 30 mile bike ride yesterday with bryce and
two cool chickadees

..8 weeks of exercise and eating better. 4lbs fat
loss, 6lbs and toner musles - oh and loose clothes

..getting to meet up with kendra again with dawn
for lunch and a load of new purses.

..the commission piece i am frantically wanting to
finish up.

..little miss c growing up, still finding time to lay
her head on my shoulder and telling me that she
missed me. [this is my baby c, not big c.] little studio space that i so love and cherish

where's your zen today?



Colorsonmymind said...

yeah you...
wonderful zen and so imspiring-8weeks of goodness-6pounds closer to freedom:)

my zen:

sleeping in this am

cuddle with my 3 yr old

the smiles on his face yesterday recounting the fun we had during the day at dinner

opening my bloglines and seeing a manageable amount of blogs to read-as I finally caught up the past few days.

Swirly said...

At this very moment my zen is the sound of the coffee maker brewing my morning beverage, sitting in a quiet kitchen, thinking about the fact that today I take my book to the printer to send it on its way.

fromthepines said...

I wrote you back but it might be in your junk email. Mine goes there a lot.


Neko said...

Nice to meet you. Love,Neko

Katrina said...

i think my zen today is that my dear large cat just discovered that if she curls her body around my waist she will just about fit on my lap while i sit at the table and type! adorable. and that my beloved surprised me with a whole box of my favorite black tea. yes, that too.