*may i be i

oh i am having fun today.

oh today is a DAY! here is what has gone on. session with myself
..emails from this chick and this one too
..a call from this sweet girlie
..naming a new painting tomato soup with a cheese toastwich
..feeling good about the new year energy
..wearing true love + mati art

may i be i


Amy said...

oh, you just make me smile. What a woman! Love the photo!

9-ah said...

Ok so let's start thinking of a show. I really want to do hearts as a theme - I need to get them out of my system...and maybe houses thrown in...maybe.

What do you think?

Where and when?


Tracey said...

May I be I---reminds me of that rockin' girl Jamie and her tat'd forearm. If I recall correctly, I believe I have a fine photo of said gal with a kickin' chicken named Lou. Speaking of which, has anyone seen him???

Marisa and Creative Thursday said...

Oh happy day and happy new year to you kelly!!
You look like you're ready for a happy and rockin' 2009 ahead!!

thank you for always taking time to say hello and send some love and support my way!

right back at you!

susan said...

what a beautiful beautiful photo! love it.
and of course - that lunch is my fav too.
happiest of 2009 to you my dear!

Susan Tuttle said...

now that's an awesome day!

your comment made me tear up my dear -- thank you so much -- it made my day!


liz elayne said...

oh my goodness this photo makes me so happy.

a good good good day.


Liz said...

OH my favourite SASSY chick! Awesome photo! Love your vibe girlie xoL

Marilyn said...

Great self-portrait. Hey, it's been awhile. Hope you're well and that life is good. Wishing you a glorious '09.

Beth said...

you go, crinkled up nose and hang that's a girl after my own heart !

Heather, said...

now there's a sassy girl, i tell ya'!

Kim Carney said...

You look happy and great! I am finally out of my "freelance fog" since before xmas. Today, just trying to get my mind settled down and figure out which "thing" to do first ;) I miss you, need to call. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Love your optimism and joy. I should list the good things more often. They are nice to read. I got a Mati print for xmas! I was psyched!

jenica said...

perfect day.
and love the pic.

i need to smell you.