little miss c

my little miss c is a sick girl.....mono!

in hindsight, i would say that it has been
lingering since around jan 7th when she
came home from her first day back and
had a terrible headache and fell asleep
at 3:30 and slept through the the nite.

in the last couple of weeks she has fallen asleep
after school and had headaches. by this monday
she had a swollen gland that is a huge mass on
the side of her neck. she also has a little
honey and i am hoping he doesnt get it! how
embarrassing. i don't like this teenage dating

at 14, she is growing up. but going in to
check on her and seeing her laying in her
bed full of fever and pain, i just want to lay
with her - my arms around her to make her
feel better. but i know she is burning up and
doesn't want the added heat. so i fill her glass
up with ice and 7up and offer popsicles.

she is quite a peanut. now about 5'6" and a
perfect build, but i worry how much weight she
is losing. i don't want her to find the new loss
attractive and try to maintain that.

at the moment she is in a fitfull sleep. i need
to check on her, but don't want to wake her. the
drs. said to only wake her to have her eat. and
at the present, she has no desire to lift her head
off her pillow.

my kids are generally strong and healthy, and for that
i know i am blessed. but this poor thing is like her mama
and when she gets sick, her glands swell, her joints ache
and her body fights it with big fevers that come and go.

now go hug someone you love! and while i am thinking of
it after listening to our president yesterday, lets all find
something important in our little neck of the world to throw
our energy into and make a difference. maybe something
we aren't especially comfortable with, but needs to be done.
i am thinking about what i can do.



kristen said...

oh, your poor girl! i hate when my sweet girl is sick, i get so anxious and can't sleep well knowing she's fevering. like you, when i get hit it's almost always a full body slam.

take good care friend, of both your girl and yourself!

liz elayne said...

sending you all healing thoughts and love...

Tracey said...

So, sorry to hear she's sick, poor baby. Mono is fierce too. My best friend had it in high school and that sorta thing you don't forget. Love and healing energy to you both! AND great advice about making our plot a better one! For me, for starters, it is donating blood (something I've never done, certainly uncomfortable doing).

Beth said...

blech and icky....I had mono when I was the same age and whoa doggie I was a sick one, too !!!

I hope she feels better soon and that nobody else gets it !!!

Jennifer/The Word Cellar said...

My hubby had mono a few years ago. There's a funny side to his story, though. For years, he swore up and down that black people just don't get mono. It was kind of a joke, but I think he started to believe it. And then bam! The black man has mono.

But the mono itself sucks, that's for sure. I hope your little one is feeling better soon and that you make it through in one piece, too.

Anonymous said...

Hey girlie, I just wanted to let you know that you've been tagged! :)

misty said...

awwww... that sucks that she isn't feeling well... i hope she is on the way to feeling back to herself?
take care, sending thoughts of good health your way!!!!!!!

melanie said...

Aww, the poor thing. You are such a good mama hen watching over and taking good care of her. Wishing her a quick recovery and you some peace and strength to get through it all. xo

Kelly C. said...

much love to you, kelly! and sending healing vibes to little miss c.

susan said...

oh i hope she is feeling a little better soon! that is so draining to have and to watch as a mother... sounds like you are doing a wonderful job getting her well...
we are sending wellness thoughts your way from snowy nh.

Anonymous said...

Oh! Poor girl!
I hear you are the 14 years olds...having no children, but having 108 14-year-olds. Parts of it are so uncomforable...for adults but for them too. So confusing, so important. And girls, an extra care for their health and maturity. But I'm positive you are raising a great one! One I would love to have as a student...and unlike the current few irritants in my life right now. This week I have felt calmer and more gracious with them which is a blessing to me and them! *smile*
Are you coming to SAW? Love to see you again!