gladys and peach

dream vespa on ebay

the other day we spotted a vespa and almost in unison, said we
wanted one with a side car so we could be the old eccentric chicks
of the ville and toodle around town together. then like the gods
dropped this from the sky, miss katie sent us this ebay link.

of course the economy sucks, we are each married to mr. practical,
but the girls can dream.

peace ya'll


beth said...

you know I'd jump right in that side car and go for a ride with you...and man, would we laugh !

Swirly said...

That is super cool. I'll ride with ya!

Susan Tuttle said...

i can totally see you riding around on this bike!!

take me for a spin!

it's great to dream.


Jennifer/The Word Cellar said...

love. love. love.

Eric said...

I have similar vintage Vespa dreams (but get to ride a newer one every day), so I hate to burst the dream bubble, but this would have likely become your nightmare Vespa. It has all the hallmarks of a bad overseas restoration. They make the outside look great with paint, chrome and upholstery, but the engine and mechanics are what's often referred to as a "bodge," basically just good enough that it runs for a while. Owners I know who have bought these are often unable to get them registered with their state's DMV. Some can no longer find mechanics to work on them because their engines were held together with cheap parts, gum and bailing wire. Even worse, many of these scooters are unsafe because the forks have been extended (as with this one) or the body was poorly welded together. These are all scooters that look just as good as this one on the outside. Vintage Vespas are wonderful things, but there are a lot of bad ones out there these days and it's easy to get fooled by a beautiful exterior. If it looks flawless, be suspicious and seek the advice of an expert or you could wind up with a $6,000 lawn ornament or worse.

A couple links for more info if you're serious about buying someday:

A well-known vintage expert on how to spot a "Vietbodge":