squamettes.....please please please - do this

for anyone out there, who attended
the fall 2008 squam session then all i can
say is -submit! [2009 attendees, will be
included next year!]
yes, yes - i know it is scary. true it
is. but if you don't - it is even worse,
because here is what will happen...
regret shall set in.
do you feel scared, inadequate?
do you have clammy palms just
thinking about, are you suddenly
biting your nails? just flick that
little man of doubt off your broad
shoulders and simply send in your
this is what squam art workshops
are all about and this is the perfect
opportunity to have your work shown
in a gallery and not only a gallery - this
gallery is special. it is owned and operated
by our very own squammie....the lovely
miss schwake. you can check her out here
and here. not only that, but my dear
liz kalloch has had the vision to dream up
this show and share it with each of us. so
lets show her our thanks and send in our

i am sure many of us feel like we aren't ready,
we aren't yet an artist, that maybe only a specific
group is submitting - oh contrar. we are all in
this together, so jump in with me....really the
water is fine!
speaking of water, the water on squam lake
is absolutely sparkling clear. i plan of taking
a dip this fall! so if you haven't heard of any
of this and you are looking for a special gift
to give to yourself.....skip this way. there
is literally something for everyone.
[if for some crazy reason, you can't talk yourself
into this, i am available for pep talks via email,
phone or facebook.]


susan said...

you are too darn cute -- thanks for the nice words! it's going to be a wonderful show and everyone should go for it! in the words of nike:

jenica said...

you said it much better than i did. i never even contemplated that people would be nervous about submitting, but it's true! the very best part of this show is that's fulfilling the spirit of love and kindness that was grown at squam. it's gonna be great.