5 things i am grateful for....

happy 53rd mr. nelson

each day, i remember why i am so blessed and for that i am
1. my most beloved friendships, many of which began over
20 years ago and we still get to celebrate birthdays. mr.
jeff nelson is one of those friends. he is one of the last great
card warriors. each year on all of our birthdays, we get a card
from jeff in the mail. he sends them to our group of friends and
our children. we love him for it.
2. my little tribe of chickadees, who continually push me, cheer
me on, and tell me to suck it up when i am whining. you know
who are and i love you for it.
3. my studio. it brings me lots of warmth and now that i have
it flowing.....i love it even more.
4. my kids who many days drive me crazy, but through that fog
they also have me laughing hysterically
5. my hands.....that glide across the canvas and page allowing
me to create.
what more could a girl ask for.
what are you grateful for?
peace out.

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Cid said...

Maybe it is just that Spring is finally in the air but it seems that everyone I have read today is feeling better - oh happy day, indeed.