i open our local park and rec each morning.

i get up between 4-4:30am each day to go
to my am job, so that i can maintain my studio
and freelance biz. i am not a morning person
and it is beginning to weigh on me. it is so hard
to go to bed at a decent hour, so that i get enough

i get to to talk to so many fun and kind people
each day. many come in every day at the same
time to work out. i also get to deal with some who
aren't so kind or happy.

there is one guy who comes in, he graduated a
couple of years ahead of me. he played football
and we weren't friends, but knew who the other
was. this is a small town.

he is married with two

today, his wife was meeting him to exchange one
of the chickadees. i looked out this large window
and saw him greet them. the little one slowly walked
over and wrapped her little arms around his big
legs. he pats her on the back several times, as he'
talks to his wife. they work different shifts - they
are always passing in the daily grind. then he bends
down and hugs his daughter and gently kisses her
cheek, smiling the whole time. he and his wife then
meet each other for a gentle kiss and then goodbye.

a simple gift for me today. one more day.

simple. kindess. today.


Sarah said...

Such sweetness... :) I had the same feeling, while with some old friends of mine over the weekend. They have 3-year-old twins, and something about the way they all interact just melted me; the gentleness and love among them is so genuine and natural, just beautiful to see!

beth said...

what a sweet story....and yikes 4AM....I couldn't do that without losing my face in my soup bowl come lunch time....xo

peach said...

i love how you truly "see" things. this story made my heart swell. thank you for sharing it.